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Chem 1A Request for Regrade on Midterm Exam Policy: You can submit your exam for a regrade if you feel that you were graded inconsistently with respect to the posted answer key. We will regrade your entire test if you submit it for a regrade. Do not make any changes or additions to a paper being submitted for regrading. Exams that have been taken out of sight of the GSI are not eligible for regrade. To request a regrade on a midterm exam, please indicate which question(s) you wish to have regraded and the page on which the question occurs in the space below and staple this form to the front of your paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Indicate why you feel your answer is correct and what you think that the grader misunderstood. The form must be signed by a GSI before it will be considered for regrade. You must submit the exam with this form attached to a GSI within 2 weeks of taking the exam. NAME: ______________________________________ SECTION: ________ GSI: _____________________________________ NAME OF OF GSI APPROVING THIS REQUEST: ____________________________________ SIGNATURE OF GSI APPROVING THIS REQUEST:___________________________________ QUESTION # PAGE E XPLANATION CHANGE (FOR GSI USE ONLY)...
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