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Chemistry 1A, Fall 2009 Midterm Exam #3 November 10, 2009 (90 min, closed book) Name:__________________________________ SID:___________________________________ GSI Name:________________ The test consists of 7 short answer questions and 18 multiple choice questions. Put your written answers in the boxes provided. Answers outside the boxes may not be considered in grading. Show all your work and reasoning. Write your name on every page of the exam. Question Page Points Score Multiple Choice 2-5 85 Question 19 5 6 Question 20-21 6 12 Question 22-24 7 17 Total 120 Useful Equations and constants: G = H - T S H = n H f (products) - n H f (reactants) S = nS (products) - nS (reactants) G = n G f (products) - n G f (reactants) S = k B lnW S = q rev /T E = q + w w = - P ext V G = - RTln K G = G + RTln Q G = - nF E = Eº - (RT/nF) lnQ q = n C p T N 0 = 6.02214 ×10 23 mol -1 T (K) = T (C) + 273.15 F = 96,485 C / mol 1 V = 1 J / C R = 8.31451 J K -1 mol -1 R = 8.20578 × 10 -2 L atm K -1 mol
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Name_____________________GSI__________ Page 2 of 7 Multiple choice. Circle the BEST answer and bubble the choice on your scantron form. A turkey and potatoes are roasting in the oven in an aluminum pan with salt and oil. Use the data in the table to answer the questions below. Specific heat capacity (J/g deg) Heat of combustion (kJ/g) Protein (meat) ( RC 2 H 2 NO) n 2.8 17 Carbohydrates (potato) ( CH 2 O) n 3.4 16 Fat (olive oil) C 18 H 34 O 2 1.3 37 Salt NaCl 1.2 no reaction Aluminum Al 0.9 16 1. The dinner is placed in a preheated oven. After 3 minutes, none of the materials have equilibrated to the oven temperature. Which substance will be at the lowest temperature? Assume the masses are similar and there is no heat transfer between substances. A) potato B) salt C) Al 2. Which food has the most Calories per gram? A) meat B) potato C) oil 3. Which substance has the largest standard entropy per mole? A) oil B) salt C) Al 4. How do the calories of a potato with a lot of salt compare with a potato with no salt? A) The potato with salt has more calories B) The potato with salt has fewer calories.
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chem1A-fa09-mt3-Stacy-exam - Chemistry 1A Fall 2009 Midterm...

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