BIOf325-EXAM_1 ANSWERS - GENETICS BIOf325 Summer 2010 Prof:...

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GENETICS – BIOf325 Summer 2010 Prof: Janice Fischer EXAM #1 June 18, 2010 Name Janice Fischer READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY. You need to answer my question – not one that you make up that you like better. *IF THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY TO CIRCLE YOUR ANSWER AND NOTHING IS CIRCLED or MORE THAN ONE OBJECT IS CIRCLED, YOU WILL GET ZERO POINTS – so don’t do that! * IF THE INSTRUCTIONS SAY TO ANSWER IN ONE WORD AND THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WORD PRESENT – YOU WILL GET ZERO POINTS- so don’t do that! * You don’t have a calculator – so if there is an equation – leave it that way. In case the reason for these instructions is not obvious – it’s because you cannot write down a variety of answers and expect me to choose the right one from among them. You need to choose a single answer. Do that by circling it – especially if you have lots of stuff written on your paper.
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A plant with the genotype AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJj self-fertilizes. Assume that all of the alleles behave according to Mendel’s two laws. A. How many genetically distinct gamete types are produced by each parent? (circle your answer) (6 pts.) 2 10 B. At what frequency are ABCDEFGHIJ gametes produced? (circle your answer) (6 pts.) 1/2 10 C. What is the frequency of AABBCCDDEEFFGGHHIIJJ plants among the progeny? (circle your answer) (6 pts.)
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BIOf325-EXAM_1 ANSWERS - GENETICS BIOf325 Summer 2010 Prof:...

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