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Personality: Theories - Chapter 13 429 PSYCHOLOGY: Exploring Behavior Chapter 13: Personality: Theories Personality: Theories What Is "Personality"? Psychologists' Usage of Personality Elements of Personality Techniques of Study Theories of Personality Trait Theories Psychoanalytic Theory Central elements of Psychoanalysis Psychoanalytic Personality Structure Instincts in Psychoanalysis Other Psychodynamic Theorists (Social-) Learning Theories Dollard/Miller's Stimulus-Response Theory B. F. Skinner and Personality as Behavior Bandura and Social Learning Self-Growth Theories Carl Rogers and Person-Centered Theory Maslow's Holistic Theory A Modern Theory of Personality: Big Five USING PSYCHOLOGY: What Determines Your Personality -- Heredity? Environment? USING PSYCHOLOGY: What Determines Your Personality -- Heredity and Environment REVIEW ACTIVITIES INTERESTED IN MORE? Personality: Theories WHAT'S THE ANSWER? "I'm really jealous of my sister. Here I am about to graduate, and I only made it into the Student Association this year. Sis's a freshman -- a frosh -- and she's already been elected." "Wilma, I know what you mean. My older brother was the same way. You know what your sister and my brother have in common? They've both got a lot of personality. Your sister kind of just radiates charm -- even for a first-year student! And Kirk's the same way: Everywhere he goes, people smile with him. He gushes at the right time, gets serious when he needs to, and always has a good word for everybody. He's just got a
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Personality: Theories - Chapter 13 430 PSYCHOLOGY: Exploring Behavior magnetic personality." How is the term "personality" being used here? "I'll never forget that cookie jar. When we were real young, every time we visited my grandmother I used to scheme with my twin sister about how we could get into the jar and get those delicious cookies. Sure we got caught sometimes, but it was well worth it. They were delicious! "And then all of a sudden one year it didn't seem quite so important to us to get into that jar without anybody knowing about it. Pretty soon we couldn't even bring ourselves to swipe those cookies at all." How old would you say the twins were when this change in behavior took place? What would Freud say had to happen before it would occur? Most people use the term "personality "to identify the most obvious characteristic of a person, or to refer to that person's social skills. Psychologists are mainly interested in personality to (1) explain why people with similar heredity, experience, and motivation may react differently in the same situation; and (2) explain why people with different heredity, past experiences, and/or motivation may nevertheless react similarly in the same situation. In studying personality, psychologists may use idiographic
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Chptr_13 - Personality Theories Chapter 13 Chapter 13...

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