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Outline 1) Introduction: A) Introduce topic on abortion, what it is? B) Go into the history (Roe vs. Wade) C) Show both sides (pro and con) of abortion arguments 2) Thesis: There are two sides to this argument, and both are well justified. 3) Proof: A) Pro-Choice: 1) Every child should be wanted 2) The fetus is part of the woman’s body 3) Third trimester restrictions (what part of the body develops when)
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Roe vs. Wade 5) Financial situation or maturity B) Pro-Life: 1) Used as type of birth control 2) Looked down on by religion 3) Lessens your chances for having a child later 4) You can give your baby up for adoption 5) Women who have had abortions that no longer believe in them 4) Conclusion: A) There is not one right answer to this problem B) Think of yourself in the situation...
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