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Mechanical Properties Processing Criteria: performance requirements, reproducible properties, controlled microstructures, cost Techniques- FORMING Rolling - can produce long lengths of metal sheet and plate Hot rolling - reduces thickness by compression Hot working: above recrystallization temp, material stays ductile, perm deformation Cold rolling - coil of metal is given a reheating treatment called annealing to soften the metal to remove cold work Cold working: strain hardening, high quality surface % cold reduction: (initial metal thickness-final)/initial *100 If diameter is given, find area Extrusion - plastic deforming under pressure by forcing it into die Used for bars, cylinders Direct - metal billed in container is force thru die by ram Indirect - hollow ram holds die while plates is being compressing Force, friction is lower but loads and weight are limited Forging - work material forced into shape Stress>yield strength Can be hammered or Press forging - metal is subjected to a compression Stronger than cast or machined metals, crack less Open die 2 flat dies, sheet Closed die dies have shapes in between, like tool box Drawing - sheet metal forming Wire drawing - wire stock is drawn thru one or more tapered dies into desired cross sections Uses carbide nib Deep drawing Used for shaping flat sheets of metal, cup shaped article is placed between dies Cans CASTING- mold cavity, solidifies, large complex parts Sand casting - large parts to engine blocks Investment casting - complex shapes, high surface finish Make a hollow pattern, then pour mold cavity Die casting - pressure Metal casting - cast iron (Fe+C) Lower melting point than steels, brittle
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S3prop - Mechanical Properties Processing Criteria:...

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