S1diffusion - C strengths Fe into steels and Cu added to Ag...

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Examples of diffusion which is material transport by atomic motion Carburization surface is hard, wear resistant and interior is tough and impact resistant Doping of semicondutctor What influences diffusion: host atoms, diffusing species, gradient, temp, time Vacancy diffusion : diffusing atom and vacancy exchange positions Interstitial diffusion is an atom moves with in Self-diffusion is atoms of same type of exchange positions, no net transport of atoms, no compositional change Inter-diffusion is different atoms diffuse into one another, concentration gradient Steady state: diffusion flux or J does not change with time Linear concentration gradient is dC/dx Fick s second law is the non-steady state with net accumulation/depletion of diffusing species
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Case Hardening IMPERFECTIONS Metals are melted to product finished parts To solidify is nucleation and growth of nuclei. Nucleation is formation of stable nuclei
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Unformatted text preview: C strengths Fe into steels and Cu added to Ag is for silver Metallography of titanic steel high levels of Steel and pearlite impurities Embrittle steel, went from ductile to brittle Impurities are foreign objects, alloys are mixing of elements Solid solution is homogeneous (random and uniform mix), without changing structure Solvent is host and solute is atoms added Substitutional is replacing the host and interstitial occupies vacant spot Edge dislocation: linear defect, stress results in movement, increased ductility Dislocations can also cause strengthening Grain boundaries can affect properties Microscopy use optical microscopy to see microstructures Higher magnification: use beam of light...
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S1diffusion - C strengths Fe into steels and Cu added to Ag...

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