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Page 1 of 4 Biology 100 McClenaghan Fall 2008 PRACTICE EXAM 2 NOTE: Ignore questions in RED . 1. In mitosis, the actual distribution of cell organelles such as mitochondria, ribosomes, etc. to the daughter cells in telophase is called _____________. a. disjunction b. cytokinesis c. crossing over d. oogenesis e. meiosis 2. Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment is violated for two different genes that _____________________. a. each have dominant and recessive alleles b. each have co-dominant alleles c. are on different chromosomes d. are on the same chromosome e. any of the above 3. A young boy suffers from hemophilia. It is most likely that he received the allele that produces this disorder ______. a. by a mutation in one of his parents b. from his father c. from his mother d. by crossing over e. from his grandfather 4. In the DNA molecule, the two complementary chains are held together by hydrogen bonds between the ____ of the nucleotides. a. sugars b. phosphate groups c. amino acids d. nitrogenous bases e. glycerols 5. Since viruses have ribosomes, they can produce their own proteins. TRUE or FALSE ? a. True b. False 6. A collection of recombinant plasmids is called a (an) “___________________.” a. library b. RFLP c. SCID d. PCR e. none of the above 7. A duplicated chromosome consists of two daughter _______________ held together by a ______________. a. chromatins; centrosome b. centrosomes; chromotid c. chromatids; centromere d. chromatids; histone e. chromatins; centromere 8. In guinea pigs, smooth coat ( S ) is dominant over rough coat ( s ), while black coat ( B ) is dominant over white coat ( b ). An animal with genotype SsBb is mated to another individual with the same genotype. This is an example of a ____cross. a. monohybrid b. test c. dihybrid d. Punnett e. true-breeding 9. All the offspring produced by crossing a white hen with a black rooster results are gray. The simplest explanation for this pattern of inheritance is __________________. a. pleiotropy b. sex linkage c. incomplete dominance d. dominance e, disjunction 10. In protein synthesis, the conversion of the DNA base sequence for a gene into a molecule of mRNA is called _____. a. translation b. disjunction c. transcription d. mutation e. conjugation 11. The AIDS drug AZT works by interfering with HIV viral ____________. a. proteases
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Practice_Exam_2_F08 - Biology 100 Fall 2008 PRACTICE EXAM 2...

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