Assignment1-S2-2009 - HIT3693 - XML Technologies, Aug Oct,...

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HIT3693 - XML Technologies, Aug – Oct, 2009 Assignment 1 © Swinburne University of Technology 11/08/09 Page 1 of 3 Assignment 1 XML/Schema/CSS Hard due date: 14:30pm Saturday 12 th September 2009 -- Worth 15% 1 Assignment Description The main task of this assignment is to model, display, and access data of a simple company database. This is an individual assignment. 2 Aims The aim of this assignment is to develop a better understanding of modelling data in XML-Schema, representing data as XML, and publishing it on the web in CSS. 3 Assignment Tasks A simple database for a company is described below: 1. The database is part of a company information system, and contains four tables; Division describing the divisions of the company, Project describing the projects within the divisions, Employee containing information about employees within the divisions, and Assign describing employees’ involvement in projects. The schema for each of the tables is shown below, with the primary key attributes underlined, and some more information about each table. Division (DID , DNAME, LOCATION) The company has several divisions identified by DID. Each division has a name (DNAME) and a location (LOCATION) Project (PID , PNAME, BUDGET, DID) Each project has an identifier PID, a name (PNAME), a budget (BUDGET) and belongs to a division which is in the Division table. Employee
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Assignment1-S2-2009 - HIT3693 - XML Technologies, Aug Oct,...

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