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HIT3693 XML Technologies XML LABORATORY – Exercise 10 RESOURCE DESCRIPTION FRAMEWORK 1 Objectives covered in this laboratory After this laboratory you should be able to: ± Represent metadata in two different ways ± Apply RDF for describing metadata of resources 2 Representing metadata 2.1 Single resource with single property Work out a title for this lab document (i.e., the Lab 10 guide). Represent the title of the document in the following ways: 1. Draw a directed labelled graph of the metadata 2. Use the notation of: { Predicate , Subject , Object } 2.2 Single resource with multiple properties
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Unformatted text preview: Considering the author of the lab document, add to each of the above representations the author of the document. That is, rewrite or redraw the above representations including the author. 2.3 Multiple resources with the same property Considering the Lab 9 guide, write and draw representations where the property involved is the author of the document. 3 Describing metadata using RDF Write RDF for each of the three above cases: 1. Write RDF where metadata is stored in the form of elements. 2. Write RDF where metadata is stored in the form of attributes. 4 Work on your Assignment 2...
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