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CMC3523_SAD_Tut 2 Sol - CMC3523_SA&D Tutorial 2-...

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Tutorial 2- Chapter 1 Systems Concept Suggested Solution Part A : Review Questions 1. Define business profiles, business models, and business processes. A business profile is an overview that defines a company’s overall functions, processes, organization, products, services, customers, suppliers, competitors, constraints, and future direction. To understand a company’s operations, systems analysts first develop a business profile and then create a series of business models. A business model graphically represents business functions that consist of business processes such as sales, accounting, and purchasing, which perform specific tasks. A business process describes specific events, tasks, and desired results. (Page 9) 2. Describe 5 types of Information Systems and give an example of each Information systems include enterprise computing systems, transaction processing systems, business support systems, knowledge management systems, and user productivity systems. Enterprise computing systems support company-wide data management requirements. Airline reservation and credit card billing systems are examples of enterprise computing systems. Transaction processing (TP) systems process data generated by day-to-day business operations. Examples of TP systems include customer billing, accounts receivable, and warranty claim processing. Business support systems provide job-related information support to users at all levels. These systems can analyze transactional data, generate information needed to manage and control business processes, and provide information that leads to better decision making. A tracking system that analyzes sales trends
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CMC3523_SAD_Tut 2 Sol - CMC3523_SA&D Tutorial 2-...

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