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Tutorial 3- Chapter 1 and 2 Part A : Review Questions 1. Describe the phases of the systems development life cycle. Part B: Apply your knowledge Follow Tutorial 2 cont. Part C: Case Studies Refer to the Case Studies of the New Century Health Clinic on page 1.32 4 th Ed./ P.39 on 5 th Ed. of the text book System Analysis and Design by Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt. Answer Question 4. Hints (follow up Tutorial 2) Q2 Identify at least 3 business processes and explain who responsible e.g. Prepare office payroll
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Unformatted text preview: Fred Brown Q3 Explain 3 systems and give specific example e.g. transaction processing system check each charge, . ...... Q4. (refer to textbook) During the systems development process, should New Century consider any of the following: EDI, vertical and horizontal system packages, or Internet-based solutions? Explain your answers. Hints: Suggest one solution and list out all possible system and their benefit e.g. Account Receivable check payment, identify overdue,. ...........
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