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CMC3523_SAD_Tut 5 Sol - CMC3523_SA&D Tutorial 5-...

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Tutorial 5- Chapter 4 Structured Analysis – Investigation Techniques Suggested Solutions Part A : Review Questions 1. What is JAD, how does it differ from traditional methods of fact-finding, and what are some advantages and potential disadvantages of using JAD? JAD (joint application development) refers to a team of users, managers, and IT professionals that work together to analyze the existing system, work on potential solutions, and develop the requirements for new systems. JAD can be more expensive than traditional methods, and if the team is too large for the project, then the JAD process can be cumbersome. The wide range of inputs and interaction among the participants in JAD can result in a more accurate assessment of system requirements, better understanding of goals, and stronger commitment to the success of the new system. (Page 93 ) 2. What are fact-finding techniques that systems analyst use during the preliminary investigation? State two advantages and disadvantages of each techniques. Interviewing is especially important because it is an interactive process. The systems analyst can listen carefully, evaluate the response, and react with follow-up questions if necessary. Another advantage of interviewing is that the analyst can observe and gauge nonverbal responses, which often are an important source of input. Disadvantages: time-consuming, ambiguous questions cause misleading
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CMC3523_SAD_Tut 5 Sol - CMC3523_SA&D Tutorial 5-...

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