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Unformatted text preview: CMC3523_SA&D Tutorial 5- Chapter 4 Structured Analysis – Investigation Techniques Part A : Review Questions 1. What is JAD, how does it differ from traditional methods of fact-finding, and what are some advantages and potential disadvantages of using JAD? What are fact-finding techniques that systems analyst use during the preliminary investigation? State two advantages and disadvantages of each techniques. 2. Part B: Apply your knowledge Situation The school is considering a new system that will speed up the student registration process. As a system analyst, you are asked to develop a plan for fact-finding. a) b) c) d) List all the possible techniques that you might use Describe an advantage for each technique. What are five important questions to use during fact-finding. Design a questionnaire to learn more about Part C: Case Studies Refer to the Case Studies of the New Century Health Clinic on page 3.44 4th Ed./ P.139 on 5th Ed. of the text book System Analysis and Design by Shelly, Cashman & Rosenblatt. 1. List the individuals you would like to interview during the system analysis phase. 2. Prepare a list of objectives for each of the interviews you will conduct. 3. Prepare a list of specific questions for each individual you will conduct. ...
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