America Helping Darfur Essay #2

America Helping Darfur Essay #2 - 1 America's Interfering...

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America’s Interfering In Darfur Over 400,000 African citizens have been killed and 2.5 million have been displaced from their homes in Darfur (Save Darfur). To put these numbers in perspective; that is about the population of the state of Texas (Genocide in Dafur). These Darfur citizens are living in conditions that most people think only exist in the movies. They fear being out in the open in broad daylight and the sound of an approaching vehicle. They are crying out for out help. Studies have shown that 65 percent of African citizens want outside help to save their country from this horrific genocide (World Public Opinion). And 61 percent of Americans believe that the United Nations should be responsible for helping them (World Public Opinion). This civil war has been going on for 21 long and painful years (International Rescue Committee). The Sudanese government has been imprisoning journalists and killing witnesses to suppress information about the genocide since 2004, they are embarrassed (Wikipedia). Awareness is growing vastly of this issue, but now it is time to take action and help these people and their country. Some may ask why we should be responsible to help another country end a civil war. We have a moral obligation to the citizens of Darfur. 300,000 boys and girls have been taken from their homes to be used as porters, war spies, and 1
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sex slaves (International Rescue Committee). Children are taken from their homes in the middle of the night to fight for the rebel army. They are turned into animals used only to kill their own people. They are given guns and are ordered to kill the man that is standing in front of him for training. They are taught not to care or love for their own family members any longer. These children are forced into adulthood at a very young age. The process is damaging physically,
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America Helping Darfur Essay #2 - 1 America's Interfering...

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