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CMC3523_SAD_Tut 13

CMC3523_SAD_Tut 13 - Part B Apply your knowledge 1 Search...

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CMC3523_SA&D Tutorial 13- Chapter 6 Part 2 System Design (hand-in within two weeks time) Part A : Review Questions 1. What is User Interface? 2. Explain the concept of human-computer interaction (HCI). 3. Explain User Rights cited by Dr. Karat from IBM. 4. Describe Eight principles for a user-centered interface design.
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Unformatted text preview: Part B: Apply your knowledge 1. Search the Web to find an example of an attractive user interface. Dump Screen Layouts and give out good design reasons. 2. Search the Web to find an example of Bad user interface design. Also dump screen layouts and provide with bad reasons....
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