Toni Jacks yang dibuat adit

Toni Jacks yang dibuat adit - Process Strategies Toni Jacks...

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Process Strategies Toni Jacks as a company that uses repetitive product strategy. Since it focuses on delivering fast time service so they minimize the variety and increase the quantities of the products. It can be seen from their products that only contains eight kind of hamburgers, chickens, certain types of drinks. For example, for drinks, they got sodas, sundaes, and milk. Characteristics from the repetitive product company that Toni Jacks has are, first, long run and standardized product with options. Its products, like, burgers and chickens, are produced repeatedly and standardized. Next, it also has special equipments for its production processes. Toni Jacks’ employees and waiters are modestly trained to do their jobs. It can be seen from their skills in preparing and serving foods. Last but not least, the repetitive operations in the restaurant reduce training and change in job instructions given. For instance, it is a usual view when we see chefs and waiters, usually called as ‘Jack’, do the same kind of job repeatedly, showing that they do not need more time in training and change in job instructions. For its quality control, Toni Jacks use old methods, which is checking each of its restaurants randomly within certain period of time. This method proved to be successful although it is a little bit inefficient, since it consumes too much time and efforts.
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Product Development Stage In product development, there are nine steps to be followed. However, in operation management, only seven steps discussed. That includes: 1. Customer requirements Tony Jacks has done a pretty decent job in forecasting their customer wants. This can be seen by their product positioning in which they offered attractive meals that are relatively cheap compared to the other fast-food chain restaurants. For example, a package of MARAH 5
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Toni Jacks yang dibuat adit - Process Strategies Toni Jacks...

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