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(company Name) Internet usage Policy The Internet usage Policy applies to all Internet users (individuals working for the company, including permanent full-time and part-time employees, contract workers, temporary agency workers, business partners, and vendors) who access the Internet through the computing or networking resources. The company's Internet users are expected to be familiar with and to comply with this policy, and are also required to use their common sense and exercise their good judgment while using Internet services. 1.3 Consequences of Violations Violations of the Internet usage Policy will be documented and can lead to revocation of system privileges and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination. Additionally, the company may at its discretion seek legal remedies for damages incurred as a result of any violation. The company may also be required by law to report certain illegal activities to the proper enforcement agencies. Before access to the Internet via company network is approved, the potential Internet user is required to read this Internet usage Policy and sign an acknowledgment form (located on the last page of this document). The signed acknowledgment form should be turned in and will be kept on file at the facility granting the access. For questions on the Internet usage Policy, contact the Information Technology (IT) Department. 2. USAGE THREATS Internet connectivity presents the company with new risks that must be addressed to safeguard the facility’s vital information assets. These risks include: 2.1 Inappropriate Use of Resources Access to the Internet by personnel that is inconsistent with business needs results in the misuse of resources. These activities may adversely affect productivity due to time spent using or "surfing" the Internet. Additionally, the company may face loss of reputation and possible legal action through other types of misuse. 2.2 Misleading or False Information All information found on the Internet should be considered suspect until confirmed by another reliable source. There is no quality control process on the Internet, and a considerable amount of its information is outdated or inaccurate. 3. INTERNET SERVICES Access to the Internet will be provided to users to support business activities and only on an as- needed basis to perform their jobs and professional roles. 3.1 User Services 3.1.1 Internet Services Allowed Internet access is to be used for business purposes only. Capabilities for the following standard Internet services will be provided to users as needed:
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E-mail -- Send/receive E-mail messages to/from the Internet (with or without document attachments). Navigation -- WWW services as necessary for business purposes, using a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) browser tool. Full access to the Internet; limited access from the Internet to dedicated company public web servers only.
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