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Transaction system - Faculty of Arts Business Informatics Education ECOM20002 Security Ethics and Electronic Commerce Systems What is this course

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ECOM20002 Security, Ethics and Electronic Commerce Systems What is this course about? This introductory information security course provides postgraduate students with a broad management-oriented understanding of information security issues. This course provides students the foundations of information security management and the knowledge of developing managerial strategy for information security. Different aspects of information security management in the modern e-commerce environment will be studied, such as information security planning, information security policy, information security program, risk management, law and ethics, and information security project management. What are the expected outcomes of the course? Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: demonstrate an awareness that information security is primarily a management issue 1. recognise the characteristics of information security management 2. identify and describe vulnerabilities, threats, attacks and countermeasures to the attacks 3. develop, implement, and maintain information security policies 4. evaluate organisational security programs 5. implement the fundamental elements of information security management practices 6. identify and assess risk, and provide solutions of risk control for organisations 7. explain the role of people, process, and technology in information security 8. understand the legal and ethical issues in information security. 9. When is it offered? 2010 Term Two For those of you taking the course on campus, the schedule will be published at Where is it offered? Brisbane, Flexible Learning, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Rockhampton, Sydney How is it assessed? Approved assessment for this course is: Examination 0% Other 100% Assessment 1 40% Quizzes - Part A and B ALL Assessment 2 30% Surveying current literature ALL Assessment 3 30% Developing security policy ALL What textbooks do I need to obtain? Prescribed Michael E. Whitman and Herbert J. Mattord 2007, Management of Information Security , 2nd ed, Course Technology. Course Profile for: ECOM20002, 2010 Term Two - Page 1
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Copyright CQUniversity Information for Students for this Offering Study Schedule Who do I contact? Coordinator: Xiang Fan Email: [email protected] Phone: +61 7 4930 6805 Additional contact details may be found at: Week Begin Date Module/Topic Chapter Events and submissions Week 1 05 Jul 10 Introduction to information security management Chapter 1 Week 2 12 Jul 10 Planning for information security Chapters 2 and 3 Week 3 19 Jul 10 Vulnerabilities, threats, attacks and countermeasures in e-commerce systems Chapter 9 Week 4 26 Jul 10 Information security policy Chapter 4 Week 5 02 Aug 10 Organisational information security program Chapter 5 Assessment Item 1 - Quizzes - Part A due by end of Week 5 Week 6 16 Aug 10 Security management models and practices
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Transaction system - Faculty of Arts Business Informatics Education ECOM20002 Security Ethics and Electronic Commerce Systems What is this course

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