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Automatically Forwarded Email Policy Created by or for the SANS Institute. Feel free to modify or use for your organization. If you have a policy to contribute, please send e-mail to [email protected] 1.0 Purpose To prevent the unauthorized or inadvertent disclosure of sensitive company information. 2.0 Scope This policy covers automatic email forwarding, and thereby the potentially inadvertent transmission of sensitive information by all employees, vendors, and agents operating on behalf of <Company Name>. 3.0 Policy Employees must exercise utmost caution when sending any email from inside <Company Name> to an outside network. Unless approved by an employee's manager InfoSec, <Company Name> email will not be automatically forwarded to an external destination. Sensitive information, as defined in the Information Sensitivity Policy , will not be forwarded via any means, unless that email is critical to business and is
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Unformatted text preview: encrypted in accordance with the Acceptable Encryption Policy . 4.0 Enforcement Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. 5.0 Definitions Terms Definitions Email The electronic transmission of information through a mail protocol such as SMTP. Programs such as Eudora and Microsoft Outlook use SMTP. Forwarded email Email resent from internal networking to an outside point. Sensitive information Information is considered sensitive if it can be damaging to <Company Name> or its customers' dollar value, reputation, or market standing. Unauthorized Disclosure The intentional or unintentional revealing of restricted information to people who do not have a need to know that information. 6.0 Revision History...
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