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PSY 265 Week 2-DQ 2 - other from head to toe Relax and...

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DQ 2 I would try to determine if life’s stresses were a contributor to their lack of romance and sexual  interest in one another.  If it was the problem I would recommend a date night, when you only  have each other to concentrate on it’s easier to rekindle old feelings of passion.  You do not  have to go out of the house or spend a lot of money. I would suggest a quiet evening alone at  home with massages. Turn on some soft music, get some sweet smelling oils and rub each 
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Unformatted text preview: other from head to toe. Relax and remember that it is just to make each other feel good, no sexually anxiety. When you are not worried about whether or not sex is going to happen and just feeling good, arousal can come easier. The relaxing sound of music combined with the smell of the oils and the sensation of being touched can do wonders for you and your partner....
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