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Week 4 Dq1 Jill has stress over work and finances and that seems to be the two causes of their existing issues. Joe can help improve their relationship by listening to Jill and not just brush it off as not important. He should not try to offer solutions until it truly gets what her needs are. Joe can ask open ended question questions in case he is misinterpreting what she is saying. If Joe is not taking the time to understand what Jill needs she may feel that he does not care about her issues. This can be one reason Jill does not enjoy the usual things she use to with Joe.
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Unformatted text preview: Jill should also open up her lines of communication. She can do this by requesting permission to bring up a certain issue. Jill can try using this scenario with Joe to create effective communication. This may help Joe become a more active listener because he is being given a choice instead of having everything thrown upon him. They also need to involve positive communication between them. When couples cannot solve their issues they may choose to seek counseling. A third person can help with the communication issues....
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