PSY 265 Week 5-Checkpoint - Sexual Techniques

PSY 265 Week 5-Checkpoint - Sexual Techniques - usually...

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PSY 265 week 5 Sexual Techniques There were several sexual techniques described in this week’s chapter. The first was masturbation. This is a form of sexual pleasure that a person performs on themselves, usually by themselves. Another form was oral stimulation. Sex with others was also talked about in this chapter. This could be a man and a woman, a woman with another woman, a man with another man, or a combination of the two. The last technique was an anal intercourse sexual encounter. It is also a part of foreplay. A couple may be watching television and one may start to touch or caress the other. This is a sign of affection towards the other person or partner. It could be as simple as holding hands and that too can cause stimulation of sexual arousal. Foreplay is what happens prior to sexual intercourse. Women
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Unformatted text preview: usually prefer to have foreplay before sexual intercourse. Men also enjoy foreplay. Foreplay is the time spent touching and caressing before actually having sexual intercourse. There are different views on masturbation. For many people it is viewed as a perfectly normal activity. Some religions frown upon masturbation and look at it as a sin. Their belief is that the seed of a man should not be dropped or spilled upon the ground or floor. Basically, they believe that if two people are going to be sexually active or stimulated that it should be used for procreation only. My personal opinion is that this should be kept to oneself and is no ones business....
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