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PSY 265 Week 6-DQ 2 - last once they make that next step in...

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DQ 2 I think that the one and only healthy reason to marry a person is if you are in love with them and also best friends  with that person. You can't vary with mess and be with a person for the rest of your life if you are not friends first and  foremost. On the other hand there are many unhealthy reasons to marry a person. To name a few: because you are having  a baby together, because that person has money and can take care of you financially, because your parents or other people  think that they are good for you, because you are with them and you are in love with the fact of being married and not in  love with that person, I could go on and on but those are to name a few.  Some good reasons to live with some before marriage is to see if the relationship will withstand the change. Not everyone 
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Unformatted text preview: last once they make that next step in their relationship. Now I am not saying just move in with someone to see if the relationship will last, but if you too are already on the path to marriage and want to take it to the next level than I think that is ok. Some unhealthy reasons are because the other person can take care of you (like I said before), because you have kids and you don't want to be together but you want both parents there for the kids, the relationship has ended but want to save money and still share the living expenses so you don't have to "foot the bill" on your own. This is a big step in life and people should always think and make the best decision possible....
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