PSY 265 Week 7-Checkpoint - Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior

PSY 265 Week 7-Checkpoint - Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior

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PSY Week 7 day 4 In the infancy stage the sexual behavior can take early in the males fetuses. It has been known that the male fetuses have erections. As infants that might get pleasure from sucking fingers or whatever fits into their mouth. When the infant gets the diaper the infant get little excited when they get the genitals touched. During the early childhood years the child will start wonder about other children bodies. During the Three and 4 years old you will commonly see them express their affection through kissing. At the time they will be begin genital touching their private’s parts as masturbation. At times when they begin notice other child body’s part they might become interested in playing some sort of games like “playing doctor”. With games you will see most of that going on in the later years of a child’s growing stage. During the preadolescent the children will typically form a relationship “best friend” that they can tell secrets and have confidences. The Preadolescents can tend to socialize with larger group of friends. A preadolescents tends to socialize the gradually enter into puberty. In times the preadolescents may same-sex groups and then gradually heterosexuals tend to take place. In adolescence it is a bounded at the beginning of puberty and end by when the adult takes responsibilities. It has been known that they reproduce some one that is taller than the adult. In adolescents it has a sex drive that is heightened by surges of the sex hormones one of the main sexual behaviors that can identify is the masturbation. In masturbation it can takes place with either a male or a female. Week 6 day 5
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Since Tina and Dan are wanting to start a family in a year there is advantage known as a pill that help prevent pregnancy from happening. The pill is known as the birth control pill. With the advantages of the pill is a method of contraception involves that only the women and is considered relatively effective as long as the single dose is not missed. The disadvantages might be with taking the pill to prevent pregnancy is Tina might
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PSY 265 Week 7-Checkpoint - Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior

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