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Week 8 Dq 1 The Sociological Perspective of paraphilias deals with sadistic and masochistic behaviors. Sadistic behavior is the gaining of sexual gratification by causing physical or mental pain to other people, or the acts that produce such gratification. Masochistic behavior is the relating to or experiencing the desire to be humiliated and abused by others in order to feel sexually fulfilled. Most times people indulge privately; sexual masochists and sadists require a partner. According to Weinberg’s sociological model, the erotic appeal of S&M rituals may result from the opportunity to reverse the customary power relationships that exist between men and women and between the social classes in society. When it comes to treatment I feel that not everyone will need treatment for this issue unless urges are recurrent and are either violently acted on or are distressing to the individual. If the
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Unformatted text preview: person cannot be satisfied with “normal” sexual relations then I believe that should seek treatment. One form of treatment may be terminating the connection between a stimulus and an inappropriate response. A method for Relaxation replaces sexual arousal. Also, Orgasmic reconditioning is a method for strengthening the connection between sexual arousal and appropriate sexual stimuli by repeatedly pairing the desired stimuli with orgasm. Some people may need to connect something besides the masochists and sadists behavior to orgasms. I do not feel that people with these issues should be medically treated with something like the Anti-androgen drug. There is no reason to lower their sex drive with a chemical substance....
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