PSY 265 Week 9-Capstone Checkpoint

PSY 265 Week 9-Capstone Checkpoint - With today society the...

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With today society the adolescents have heavily affected by the media. Movies such as “American Pie” it is pointing out to see that the media is more explicit about sex that goes on at a young age. With sex that is everywhere and children will begin to learn about sex through crude media influences. With me I believe that they will more likely to engage in sexual activities as adolescents. In this type of influences it can lead ad descents to think that is okay to take part in sex at a young age, and it might be even the pressure to be cool and have sex just because that is what happens in the movies. Not only do the “American Pie” movies portray sex as a cool thing, but with these movies they also create the belief that being a virgin is somehow “un-cool”. With this type of media that is causing adolescents to be more likely open to their sexuality and become more promiscuous in their younger years. In saying that clearly the negative effects would be that it can lean some
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