PHI 105 Week 5-Checkpoint - Moral Character Viewpoints

PHI 105 Week 5-Checkpoint - Moral Character Viewpoints -...

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Moral Character Viewpoints CheckPoint The moral character viewpoint that the majority of my class agreed upon is that others can influence both our habits and moral character. The common justification for this concept was that part of our moral character is innate and the rest is developed through family, friends, our environment, and society as a whole. Many of our habits are directly affected by others, considering that peers are a major influence on the development of many of our good and bad habits. The majority of the students in my class seemed to agree that different choices in life and different influences in our lives will most certainly affect the habits we pick up and the moral character we develop. The most heated debates between me and my classmates were concerning the idea that people who do bad things have bad moral character, plain and simple. I disagree with this idea and stand firm on my theory that actions that demonstrate bad moral character depend upon three
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Unformatted text preview: things : the individual, the circumstances, and the individual’s intent . I feel strongly that an individual who does something they know is wrong but shows no conscience or remorse towards the action is morally corrupt; while an individual that does something they know is wrong but has reasons for doing so and feels regret is not morally corrupt. To me, this is the difference between making bad choices and having bad morals. For every example of bad morality, there are small changes you can make to the situation to turn it into a bad choice driven by circumstances. I think the classmates that opposed my view on moral character may be thinking in a traditional way, because viewpoints that seem a bit rigid and black-and-white tend to follow traditional standards. On the other hand, my ideas display modern ethical thinking, because my ideas come from thinking a bit more “outside the box”....
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PHI 105 Week 5-Checkpoint - Moral Character Viewpoints -...

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