PHI 105 Week 6-Checkpoint - Religious Philosophy Article Critique

PHI 105 Week 6-Checkpoint - Religious Philosophy Article Critique

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Religious Philosophy Article Critique CheckPoint I do not think that an individual’s religious views should affect their treatment of others in a negative way. I think it is wrong for a person to judge others or to treat them badly because they do not hold the same beliefs. I find Anselm’s opinion that “anyone who would deny God’s existence is logically mistaken and is indeed an utter fool” (Moore & Bruder, 2008, p. 426) to be a perfect example of someone ridiculing anyone that does not share their beliefs. On the other hand, I think an individual’s religious views should affect how they treat others in positive ways such as friendship, charity, and good will. Religion should bring out the good in people, not hatred or intolerance. I know that humble generosity exists today because I see it in many different forms ranging from small gifts such as someone babysitting for free to larger gifts such as helping the
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Unformatted text preview: Haitian victims with either money or volunteer time. Charitable organizations that can be found within communities or on the internet are the United Way, the Salvation Army, PETA and the Smile Train, just to name a few. Also, smaller organizations such as churches, schools, Boys Scouts, and Girls Scouts do a great amount of charity work for those in need as well. I would rewrite the story to consist of the above-mentioned modern-day organizations and individuals reaching out to those in need with humble generosity and compassion in their hearts. Those who devote their time, possessions, and money to help the homeless, victims of violence, and others in need often do so with the knowledge that their good deeds will bring little to no recognition. In this example, I would consider the scribe to be people in today’s world that have little or no compassion for those less fortunate than themselves....
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