Ch 5 Public Opinion

Ch 5 Public Opinion - Ch 5 Public Opinion Public Opinion...

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Ch 5 Public Opinion Public Opinion: The aggregation of people’s views about issues, situations, and, public figures. Socialization: the end result of all ther processes by which social groups give individuals hteir beliefs and values. Ex: People who came of age during WWII are more supportive of American military interventions, sicnce the principla lesson they took away from the event concerned the danger of appeasement an dthe necessity of early and vigorous opposition to foreign aggression. By contrast, Amercicans who grew up duing the Vietnam War allegedly acquired a quite different worldview, one that emphasized the hazards and difficulties of ensind ghte U.S troops inot complicated foreigbn conflicts. Within the family, studies generally found that the mother was most important because she spend more time twith thee children. Personal Experiences: - The horrors of the Great Depression focused many Americans on the importance of economice issues and, afer the depression lifted, cemented their loyalty to the Democratric Party On the other hadn, the severe economic problems of the 1970’s left younger generation of Americans disenchanged with the Democrats and later encoiuraged their identification with the Republican party of Ronald Reagan. Self-interest
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Ch 5 Public Opinion - Ch 5 Public Opinion Public Opinion...

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