21 55 if each ring carries a uniformly distributed

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Unformatted text preview: .21-55. If each ring carries a uniformly distributed charge , find the electric field, E( , at points along the axis. Solution: The field of a single uniformly charged ring is: ! The total field then is EE E points along the ! ! !+ ! ( +! ! axis and its magnitude is given as: Problem G21.48. A thin rod of length carries a total charge distributed uniformly along its length. See Fig. 21-56. Determine the electric field along the axis of the rod starting at one end - that is, find for " in Fig. 21-56. Solution: # # # , where Problem G21.54. An electron with speed $ m/s is traveling parallel to an electric field (v E of magnitude N/C. a) how far will it travel before it stops? b) how much will elapse before it returns to its starting point? Solution (a The force is opposite to the direction of the electron....
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