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578 3002 angle from axis 3002 problem g2176 a point

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Unformatted text preview: 60 N direction: tan 3, 3 0.578 30.02 angle from axis: 30.02° Problem G21.76. A point charge ( g at the end of an insulating string of length 55 cm is observed to be in equillibrium in a uniform horizontal electric field of N/C, when the pendulum's position is as shown in Fig. 21-63, with the charge 12 cm above the lowest (vertical) position. If the field points to the right in Fig. 21-63, determine the magnitude and sign of the point charge. Solution: E θ L =5 5 cm Ty θ m ,Q Fel Fg 12 cm Tx For equillibrium : . , and ), tan tan ) Calculate tan using the Pythagoras theorem: / / tan / C...
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