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Then well have where is the positive charge and is

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Unformatted text preview: d. Then we'll have , where is the positive charge, and is the negative charge Problem G21.24. What is the magnitude of the acceleration experienced by an electron in an electric field of 600 N/C? How does the direction of the acceleration depend on the direction of the field at that point? Solution: The force is opposite to the electric field. the acceleration is opposite to the field. m/s Problem G21.36. The electric field midway between two equal but opposite point charges is 845 N/C, and the distance between the charges is 16.0 cm. What is the magnitude of the charge on each? Solution: The magnitude of the field produced by both charges are equal, and their direction is the same. N/C E N/C C Problem G21.42. Two parallel circular rings of radius R have their centers on the axis separated by a distance as shown in Fig...
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