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Ch 16 physics 1

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Unformatted text preview: Electric Charge, Force, Field Problem G21.3. What is the magnitude of the electric force of attraction between an iron nucleus ( ) and its innermost electron if the distance between them is 1.5 Solution: N Problem G21.7. Two charged balls are 15.0 cm apart. They are moved, and the force on each of them is found to have been tripled. How far apart are they now? Solution: cm Problem G21.21. Two small nonconducting spheres have a total charge of 90.0 µC. When placed 1.16 m apart, the force each exerts on the other is 12.0 N and is repulsive. What is the charge on each? What if the force were attractive? Solution: Repulsive force the charges are either both positive or both negative total charge is 90.0 µC the charges are both positive C and C m? If the force is attractive - the particles are oppositely charge...
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