assign4 - 230 volts across the load What is the voltage at...

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University of Saskatchewan Department of Electrical Engineering EE 212 Assignment #4 Instructor: R. Karki _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Calculate the reactive power from the capacitor in the circuit in Figure 1. Figure 1 2. The resistances and leakage reactances of a 10 kVA, 60 Hz, 2400/240 volt distribution transformer are as follows: R 1 = 4.2 ohms R 2 = 0.042 ohms X 1 = 5.5 ohms X 2 = 0.055 ohms The transformer core loss is 90 watts and the magnetizing current is 2% of the rated current. a) A standard open circuit / short circuit test is applied to the transformer. Draw diagrams showing the connection diagrams for the tests and indicate the reading on each meter. Draw the transformer equivalent circuit referred to the high-voltage side. b) The transformer is delivering 6 kW at 0.9 p.f. leading to a load on the low voltage side with
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Unformatted text preview: 230 volts across the load. What is the voltage at the high voltage terminals? Compare the results using the T-equivalent circuit and an approximate equivalent circuit. c) What is the transformer efficiency under the load conditions in part (b)? 1 of 2 100/0 V-j2 Ω j ϖ M = j2 Ω j4 Ω +-2 Ω 2 Ω 4 Ω j3 Ω 3. A single-phase load is supplied through a 33000 V feeder whose impedance is105 + j360 ohms and a 33000/2400 V transformer whose equivalent impedance is 0.26 + j1.08 ohms referred to its low-voltage side. The load is 180 kW at 0.8 lagging power factor and 2200 V. Calculate the voltages at the sending end of the feeder and at the primary terminals of the transformer. Compute the real and reactive power at the sending end of the feeder. 2 of 2 33000/2400-V Transformer 33000-V Feeder Load...
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assign4 - 230 volts across the load What is the voltage at...

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