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University of Saskatchewan Department of Electrical Engineering EE 212 Assignment #5 Instructor: R. Gander _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. A small, step-down (120V/12V) transformer is short-circuit tested with the following results: V prim = 6 V, I prim = 4.0 A with a power reading of 12 W. The open-circuit test has a power reading of 5 W. For a particular load, the secondary voltage is 12 V and the load current is 40 A with a 0.866 lagging power factor. Calculate the winding resistance, R
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Unformatted text preview: e , the leakage reactance, X e . 2. For the same transformer with the load in Question 1, determine the magnitude and phase angle of the voltage applied on the primary side. What is the efficiency of the transformer at this load? 3. From Dorf and Svoboda 7 th edition p554: [Note: Dorf and Svoboda use the term maximize the energy delivered in this problem statement. This is equivalent to maximum power transfer.]...
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