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assign6 - winding 2 A 400-kV transmission line has a...

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University of Saskatchewan Department of Electrical Engineering EE 212 Assignment 6 Instructor: R. Gander _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. A 3- φ transformer is rated for a total power of 300 kVA at 60 Hz. The transformer has two secondary windings. Winding #1 is Y-connected with a rated line-to-line voltage of 25 kV rms . According to the manufacturer, the winding resistance is 0.01 p.u., and the leakage reactance is 0.02 p.u. Winding #2 is -connected with a rated line-to-line voltage of 600 V rms . Its winding resistance and leakage inductance are the same on a per unit basis as Winding #1. Using the rated total power as the base value and the rated secondary voltages determine the per-phase values of winding resistance (R e ) and leakage inductance (L e ) for each
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Unformatted text preview: winding. 2. A 400-kV transmission line has a hot-weather power rating of 1400 MVA. If the transmission line is operating in cold weather, it is rated for 2200 MVA (at 400 kV). The transmission line is under cold weather conditions, and the operating voltage is 390 kV. What is the per-unit value of line-to-line voltage and phase voltage with the operating voltage of 390 kV? What is the per-unit rated cold-weather power if the hot-weather rating is considered to be 1 p.u.? 3. A generator with a (source) reactance of 0.2 p.u. has a rating of 11.8 kV and 200 MVA. It is to be connected into a system which has been modeled with a base voltage of 11.0 kV and base power of 100 MVA. What per-unit value of reactance should be used when the generator is added to the system model?...
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