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University of Saskatchewan Department of Electrical Engineering EE 212 Assignment 7 Instructor: R. Gander _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. In class we looked at an unbalanced, 3-phase load that was Y-connected with no neutral return line. If we add the fourth, neutral line, what effect will that have on circuit parameters? That is, re-calculate the phase currents, the total power supplied by the source and the power delivered to each component of the load. 2. P12.7-5 (Dorf and Svoboda 7 th ed): A three-phase Y-connected source simultaneously supplies power to two separate balanced 3- phase loads. The first total load is delta-connected and draws 39 kVA at 0.7 lagging. The second total load is Y-connected and draws 15 kW at 0.21 leading. Each line has an impedance
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Unformatted text preview: of (0.03 +j0.072)Ω/phase. Calculate the line-to-line source voltage magnitude required so that the loads are supplied with 208 Vrms line-to-line. 3. P12.7-7 (Dorf and Svoboda, 7 th ed) slightly modified: A manufacturing plant can be represented as two loads connected in parallel each requiring a line voltage of 4.16 kVrms. Load 1 is 1.5 MVA, 0.75 lagging, delta-connected. Load 2 is 2 MW, 0.8 lagging, Y-connected. The feeder from the power utility’s substation transformer has an impedance of (0.4 + j0.8) Ω/phase. Determine the following: a) The required magnitude of the line voltage at the substation. b) The real power drawn from the supply. c) The percentage of real power drawn from the supply that is consumed by the loads....
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