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University of Saskatchewan Department of Electrical Engineering EE 212 Assignment 8 Instructor: R. Gander _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. P12-8.1 (Dorf and Svoboda 7 th ed): The two-wattmeter method is used to determine the power drawn by a three-phase, 440-V rms motor that is a Y-connected, balanced load. The motor operates at 20 hp at 74.6% efficiency. The magnitude of the line current is 52.5 A rms . The wattmeters are connected in the A and C lines. Find the reading of each wattmeter. The motor has a lagging power factor. 2. P12.8-4 (Dorf and Svoboda 7
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Unformatted text preview: th ed): A three-phase system with line-to-line voltage of 208 V rms and phase sequence abc is connected to a Y-balanced load with impedance 10/-30° Ω and a balanced ∆ load with impedance 15/ 30° Ω. Find the line currents and the total power using two wattmeters. 3. A 208-Vrms, three-phase source is connected to ∆-connected, unbalanced load where Z ab = 52/-30° Ω, Z bc = 52/ 45° Ω, and Z ca = 104 / 0° Ω. Find the three line currents when the phase sequence is a) abc and b) acb . Include a phasor diagram for each part....
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