global warming essay (final)

global warming essay (final) - 1 It's the Small Things...

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It’s the Small Things Carbon emissions have become a large problem, and a main contributor to global warming. With the ever-growing accumulation of carbon in the atmosphere, we now have a much warmer world. The climate change has many negative effects, such as; species extinction, extreme and violent weather, droughts and flooding, and decreased agriculture production. There are many small and easy ways to reduce harmful emissions in everyday life. So if individuals can limit their carbon “footprint”, we can work together to reduce global warming. An average American driver contributes about 11,500 pounds of emissions every year (Live Neutral). Carbon dioxide is produced when burning fossil fuels. Therefore when refueling at a gas station don’t top off your tank. Spilled gas evaporates quickly (especially on a warm sunny day) into the atmosphere. Make sure that your can is well maintained, something as simple as a congested air filter for the AC can increase your cars fuel consumption by
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global warming essay (final) - 1 It's the Small Things...

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