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Teddy Hanson Contrast of Reception Pg. 9 “The news did not interest him ont bit. Monsieur Desrussie was dead? Good riddance! One bastard less!” Versus. “while Bokar was left to languish in a school way out in the bush on the edge of the desert. It was here he was to commit suicide several years later. Hakim received the news of his death like a slap in the face.” Pg. 122 “Now he was convinced it was the hand of Europe that defaced everything, blindly imposing its architecture and its discipline.” Strange Deaths from creatures/self Death by spider bite to the penis Pg. 57 “In the end Bingerville recovered in next to no time from the death of Charlotte. Too many major event followed the tragedy one after the other. On the French side, Karamanlis finally managed to commit suicide, by drowning. The Father Templar died from a heart attack. Their beloved Fatehr Rascasse left for the colony of Oubangui-Chari. No sooner had it been built than it was announced that Bingerville was going to lose its rank as capital of the colony to Abidjan-Santey” Pg. 109 “The next morning she went to the market to inform her own people she was returning home when a dog, a huge Cuban hound, like those used to hunt down the maroons in olden times, black, as big as a calf and strong as an ox, leaped on her, clawed her face, and sunk its teeth into her neck.” Pg. 122 “But woe betide the traveler who hears her and approaches her house, for she throws herself onto him and drags him down to her watery palace, the better to devour him.” Pg. 157 “Snorting and foaming at the mouth shaking its mane, a black horse was galloping down the rue du Sable. It had thrown its rider, who was hobbling after it, brandishing his whip and was now stampeding down the middle of the road unbridled.” “Zulefi collapsed in a pool of blood.” Celanire Pg. 31 “Thomas had already noticed that Celanire was a stubborn woman who did just what she liked.” Pg. 1 “Celanire Pinceau. A most unusual name! The priest’s gaze, however, did not betray any covetous look. .. Her features were not strictly black—rather, a hybrid of goodness knows how many races.” Pg.2 “She wasn’t insolent. She wasn’t disobedient. Even so. Reverend Father Huchard didn’t trust her and believed she was capable of anything” Pg. 6 “She was sharpening her pretty, pointed teeth one against the other.” Pg. 55 “’She looks like her mother,’ Celanire remarked with a semblance of emotion. Thoman seemed surprised. How could she know? She had never met Charlotte.” UNLESS IF SHE MURDERED HER! Pg. 40 “She had a mission: transform this humble Home for Half- Castes into a monument that would go down in people’ memories Pg. 110 “I hired a certain Melody. Knowing myself as I did, I hadn’t hired her because of her references; she didn’t have any. It was because she was so ugly and cross-eyed that even the devil couldn’t have made me make love to her.” Pg. 116 “…she wreaks evil wherever she goes.”
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cordee notes - Teddy Hanson Contrast of Reception Pg. 9 The...

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