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theses - on television Problem#2#5 While this thesis...

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Theodore Hanson Hanson 1 Original Thesis: In this paper I will discuss police procedures in recent domestic violence cases. Problem #1: makes no claim (pg. 198) The main problem with this thesis is that it lacks a discrepancy or opinion to argue. In fact, it almost seems like he's about to summarize all of the cases, which would be rather pointless if we had already attended. Lastly, it lacks enthusiasm. I mean if the author isn't interested in the material, how is the reader supposed to be? New Thesis: Violence is a pointless act of man, and although some occurs on regulated battlefields, much more occurs in the very homes of people which has caused the new era of emotional instability of many teenagers today. Original Thesis: From cartoons in the morning to adventures shows at night, there is too much violence
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Unformatted text preview: on television. Problem #2/#5: While this thesis contains a hotly debated topic, unlike the last one, this offers too little clarification. The amount that "too much" violence fills is clearly up to interpretation and left vaguely by the author. Also, many shows are purposely violent to evoke emotions of fear and anger so why wouldn't you expect them to be? Mainly it's just not controversial enough because many people would agree with it. New Thesis: While in the past a few dramatic television shows used violence to evoke explicit emotions, these recurring immense sentiments now provide an entirely new element to screenwriting: intensity....
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