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1 Questions for the self-control test (head and neck) 1. The infratemporal fossa 2. Muscles of the face and cranium 3. Sensory and somatomotor innervation of the face and cranium 4. Autonomic innervation of the organs of the head 5. Common, external and internal (cervical part) carotid arteries 6. The venous and lymphatic drainage of the head and neck 7. The parotid gland 8. The trigeminal nerve (without its nuclei in the brainstem) 9. The facial nerve (without its nuclei in the brainstem)
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Unformatted text preview: 10. The glossopharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerves (without their nuclei in the brainstem) 11. The oral cavity 12. The nasal cavity 13. Fasciae and muscles of the neck 14. The cervical plexus 15. Posterior triangle of the neck (lateral cervical region). The brachial plexus (cervical part) 16. The parapharyngeal space 17. The scalenotracheal fossa. The subclavian artery 18. The pharynx 19. The larynx 20. Anterior cervical region 21. Suboccipital region...
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