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I NTRODUCTION TO S TATISTICS F ALL 2007 A LEXANDER S HOUMAROV A SSIGNMENT 4 D UE : M ONDAY , N OVEMBER 5 TH This assignment contains four questions. When completing it, please adhere to the following guidelines (read these carefully): Complete your assignment individually . Study groups and brainstorming are definitely encouraged, but you should clearly understand where brainstorming ends and collective work begins. Crossing this line would constitute academic dishonesty for this assignment. Please review the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty here: http://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/policies/document.php?document=69 Your assignment may be typed or handwritten, but please make sure that it is legible . Assignments that cannot be read also cannot be graded! There is no need for title pages, fancy folders, colourful binders or duotangs. Just make sure you include your name , section and student number on a prominent place on your paper. Please staple all pages of your assignment securely. It is your responsibility to ensure that no part of your assignment is lost. Unless otherwise indicated, please show all your calculations when answering these questions. Output from Excel or other programmable tools will not be accepted. You will not have access to Excel or any other calculator on your exams, and so it is in your interest not to grow dependent on these tools. As noted in the syllabus, please round all your answers to four decimal places . Since this is a testing instrument, neither I nor your TA will answer questions about the assignment content. If you need to ask about the wording of questions or the meaning of any words, please do so under the class discussion section of the CMD. Good luck!
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This note was uploaded on 09/25/2010 for the course OMIS OMIS 1000 taught by Professor Alexandershoumarov during the Fall '09 term at York University.

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