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OMIS 1000 C I NTRODUCTION TO S TATISTICS F ALL 2007 A LEXANDER S HOUMAROV A SSIGNMENT 1 D UE : M ONDAY , S EPTEMBER 24 TH Please answer the following three questions individually. Your assignment can be typed or handwritten, and using Excel is not necessary. In fact, you should do all work by hand , as this would be the best way to prepare for your exams. There will be no Excel on the final! To this end, please show all the calculations that you use in answering these questions. This means that you should show every step that you take in arriving at the final answer. It's not enough to show the formula and then the final answer - you should show everything in between. Excel or any other tool shouldn't replace the practical work of using the formulas and calculating the results! Note also that showing Excel formulas (e.g. stdev(x)) in your calculations is not acceptable . As noted in the syllabus, please round all your answers to four decimal places . There is an Excel data file along with this assignment. The data file has two tabs – look for them in the lower left corner. There is no need for a title page. Just make sure you include your name , section and student number on a prominent place on your paper. The header and footer are good places for this. I
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This note was uploaded on 09/25/2010 for the course OMIS OMIS 1000 taught by Professor Alexandershoumarov during the Fall '09 term at York University.

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