38 OMIS1000 Midterm F07 Solution

38 OMIS1000 Midterm F07 Solution - SCHULICH SCHOOL OF...

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SCHULICH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS YORK UNIVERSITY SESSION: FALL 2007 Mid-Term Exam NAME: SOLUTION COURSE NO: OMIS1000 I.D. # : COURSE TITLE: Statistics for Management SECTION: PROFESSORS: Hila Cohen; Olga Kaminer; Alan Marshall; Alex Shoumarov NUMBER OF PAGES : 13 pages (NOT including cover) LENGTH OF EXAMINATION: 150 minutes EXAMINATION AIDS ALLOWED: Calculator; Formula and Tables Book INSTRUCTIONS: Please place your I.D. card on your desk. You are not allowed to leave the examination room until one hour after the start of the exam and you must sign the sign-in sheet before leaving. Your examination paper must be handed in before you leave. When you are finished please leave the exam room quietly. Cheating on an examination will result in an “F” grade in the course concerned and possible suspension from the University. All notes, briefcases, and books must be deposited at the front of the room. You are not allowed to use your own paper for rough work. You may only use the space provided or the back of the pages for rough work. Answer the Multiple Choice and True/False Questions on the bubble sheet supplied. Be sure to put your name and student number on the bubble sheet. In Part III, place your answers in the answer boxes, where supplied. Count the pages to be certain that there are no pages missing. Do not remove the staple from the exam. Do not begin this examination until you are instructed to do so. Do not write in the mark summary table below. Part I – Multiple Choice 20 marks Part II – True/False 10 marks Part III – Problems Question 1 20 marks Question 2 15 marks Question 3 10 marks Question 4 10 marks Question 5 8 marks Question 6 7 marks Sub-total 70 marks TOTAL 100 marks
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OMIS1000 MIDTERM EXAMINATION Page 1 PART I – MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (20 MARKS, 1 marks each) Answer each question below on the Scantron Sheet provided. There is only one correct answer. There is no penalty for guessing. 1. Which of the following is incorrect? a) The range of a data set is never equal to the variance of the set b) Standard deviation is the average of the squared deviations from the mean c) The variance of a data set is never equal to the standard deviation d) Range and standard deviation are both useful pieces of information e) None of the above 2. The standard deviation of a normal distribution is always equal to: a) The average of the squared deviations from the mode b) The difference between Z scores of 1 and –1 c) The median score minus Z at –1 d) Both a and b e) Both a and c 3. The normal curve: a) Is always bell-shaped b) Has a variance equal to the square of Z at 1 c) Is symmetrical about Z at 0 (zero) d) Both a and c e) All of the above 4. In a campus-wide study, some of the information obtained for a group of randomly selected students included the following: Gender, Age, Weekly Alcohol Consumption, Academic Standing The units for Age and Alcohol consumption are years and ml. Academic standing is recorded as excellent, good, satisfactory, pass or fail. The scales of measurement for
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38 OMIS1000 Midterm F07 Solution - SCHULICH SCHOOL OF...

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