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SCHULICH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS YORK UNIVERSITY SESSION: FALL 2003 Final Examination NAME: COURSE NO: MGTS1000 3.0 I.D. # : COURSE TITLE: Statistics for Management Decisions PROFESSORS: A. Marshall, D. Nevo, F. Song NUMBER OF PAGES : xx pages (NOT including this cover page) LENGTH OF EXAMINATION: 180 minutes (3 hours) EXAMINATION AIDS ALLOWED: Calculator; formula set supplied with text INSTRUCTIONS: Please place your I.D. card on your desk. You are not allowed to leave the examination room until one hour after the start of the exam and you must sign the sign-in sheet before leaving. Your examination paper must be handed in before you leave. When you are finished please leave the exam room quietly. Cheating on an examination will result in an “F” grade in the course concerned and possible suspension from the University. All notes, briefcases, and books must be deposited at the front of the room. You are not allowed to use your own paper for rough work. You may only use the back of the pages for rough work. Answer the Multiple Choice and True/False Questions on the bubble sheet supplied. Be sure to put your name and student number on the bubble sheet. In Part IV, place your answers in the answer boxes, where supplied. Count the pages to be certain that there are no pages missing. Do not remove the staple from the exam. You may remove the tables on pages xx-xx. Do not begin this examination until you are instructed to do so. Do not write in the mark summary table below. Part I – Multiple Choice (Problem Recognition) 36 marks Part II – True/False 14 marks Part III – Multiple Choice (Interpretation) 15 marks Part IV – Problems Question 1 6 marks Question 2 10 marks Question 3 8 marks Question 4 6 marks Question 4 5 marks Sub-total 35 marks TOTAL 100 marks
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MGTS1000 3.0 Statistics Fall 2004 Final Examination Page 1 of 23 Part I - Problem Recognition Multiple Choice (36 marks, 2 marks each) Instructions : 1. Indicate your answers on the bubble sheet. 2. Your student number should be left justified on the bubble sheet. 3. Only one of the choices is the best answer 1) An educational testing service designed an achievement test so that the standard deviation in student scores would be at least 70 points. To determine whether the objective was achieved, the testing service gave the test to a random sample of 47 students and found that the sample mean and variance were 673 and 2350, respectively. The appropriate test to find out whether the test achieved the desired dispersion in scores is: a. χ 2 -test of σ b. χ 2 -test of σ 2 c. F-test of 2 2 2 1 σ σ d. F-test of 2 1 σ 2) A new apparatus has been devised to replace the needle in administering vaccines. The apparatus, which is connected to a large supply of vaccine, can be set to inject different amounts of the serum, but the variance in the amount of serum injected to a given person must not be greater than .05 to ensure proper inoculation. A random sample of 25 injections resulted in a variance of .118. In order to test that the variance does not exceed the permitted amount the appropriate test is: a. χ 2
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