IT_331_Unit_5_Project - IT331-02 Unit 5 Assignment 1...

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IT331-02 – Unit 5 Assignment 1
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IT331-02 – Unit 5 Assignment 2 1. Differentiate between a hub, a bridge, a switch, and a router and explain the roles and functions of each device. DEVICE DESCRIPTION FUNCTION REQUIREMENTS TO SET UP REQUIREMENTS TO MAINTAIN HUB An electronic device that connects many computers together to form a single computer network. Hubs classify as Layer 1 devices in the OSI model. Three different types: passive hubs, active hubs and intelligent hubs. Passive ethernet hubs don't boost signals passed through them and, as a result, have no need of an external power source. Active hubs actually boost signals carried through them, allowing connections to be achieved over longer distances but requiring a power source to do so. Intelligent hubs boost signals as active hubs do, but also offer error detection for the data packets that they transfer, which prevents some of the data corruption that can occur within the hub. An ethernet hub allows multiple computers to access a computer network from a single point. Instead of each computer requiring its own Ethernet access to a network router, the hub becomes a go-between where computers can plug in without accessing the router directly. The hub also creates a sub-branch of the network, allowing easy access to other computers plugged into the ethernet hub (a function often utilized for LAN gaming). Connect uplink port to existing hub, switch, router or modem. Connect devices to LAN ports. If DHCP is present on the network, no additional setup is necessary. If no DHCP is available, each device must be manually configured with a unique IP. Since there isnt a configuration interface on hubs, maintenance is minimal to none once configured. SWITCH
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IT_331_Unit_5_Project - IT331-02 Unit 5 Assignment 1...

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