FOS4222 - Exam 2 Key

FOS4222 - Exam 2 Key - FOS 4222 FORM A FOOD MICROBIOLOGY 1...

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FORM - A FOS 4222 FOOD MICROBIOLOGY EXAM II (March 1, 2010) PLEASE PUT UF ID NUMBER ON SCANTRON Name ____________________________ 1-5. Matching (only one answer) 1. __ A ___Spices/Clove A.Eugenol 2.__ B ___Oregano/thyme B. Terpene oil 3.__ C __Vanilla C. Benzaldehyde 4.__ D __Onions/garlic D. Allicin 5.__ E ___Broccoli/horseradish E. Isothiocyanate 6-10. Matching (only one correct answer) 6.__ C __D value A. Destructive UV wavelengths for bacteria 7.__ B __Z value B. Temperature increase required to reduce the thermal death time by a factor of 10 8._ A ___240-280 nm C. A measure of heat resistance of a microorganism at a given temperature 9.__ D __Microwave heating D. Heating by intermolecular friction 10._ E __300-1000mpa E. High hydrostatic pressure for food preservation 10-15. Matching (only one correct answer) 11._ D __Benzoates A. Controls spoilage and fermentative yeasts and molds 12._ E __Nitrites B. Monolaurin 13._ B __Fatty Acid Esters C. Used for buffering, sequestration, acidification and formation of complexes with proteins 14._ A __Sulfites D. First F.D.A. approved antimicrobial 15._ E __Lactic acid E. Serves as both an antimicobial and flavoring agent
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16-33. True or False (T=A and F=B) 16._ A __Microwave heating of a food is caused by molecular friction of rapidly reorienting water molecules. 17._ A __During thawing, foods become rich in nutrients that favor microbial growth. 18._
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FOS4222 - Exam 2 Key - FOS 4222 FORM A FOOD MICROBIOLOGY 1...

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