Notes - Endogenous Plant Toxicants

Notes - Endogenous Plant Toxicants - Endogenous Plant...

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Endogenous Plant Toxicants Lectins or hemagglutinins Enzyme inhibitors Alkaloids pyrrolizidine alkaloids Solanine-group[ glycoalkaloids Xanthine alkaloids Ephedrine alkaloids Cyanogenic glucosides Glucosinolates Coumarin Phytoestrogens Endogenous Plant Toxicants Thujones Anisatine Toxic amino acids Toxic lipids Erucic acid Sterculic and malvalic acids Polyunsaturated fatty acids Endogenous Plant Toxicants Oxalates Fluoroacetates Bracken toxins Saponins Grayanotoxin Mushroom toxins Amatoxins Muscarine Isozazoles
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Other mushroom toxins Lectins or hemagglutinins Nonenzymatic thermolabile proteins, glycoproteins or lipoproteins that bind to a specific saccharide (glucose, galactose, ect). Found in leguminosae (beans, peas) and in sponges and mollusks, fish, amphibians and mammals. Many lectins are capable of agglutinating erythrocytes. Lectins are used in blood typing, tumor cell recognition, Lectins or hemagglutinins Some lectins can cause adverse effects when one eats only the raw plant. This is caused by the binding of the lectin molecules to the membranes of the intestinal cells. This can causes non-specific inhibition of both active and passive transport through the cell. Eg. Long-term exposure of raw legumes may lead to growth retardation and even a goiter and acute systemic exposure may cause fatal injury to liver or other organs. Lectins and hemagglutinins
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Notes - Endogenous Plant Toxicants - Endogenous Plant...

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